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Okoshiyasu – Welcome. ASTY Kyoto is home to an array of local souvenirs.

Situated at the Hachijo Exit of Kyoto Station on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line, ASTY Kyoto brings together an array of local souvenirs, including time-honored confectioneries. In addition to souvenirs, you will find popular variety shops and well-established shops representative of Kyoto that offer fun facilities for tourists and local shoppers.

Inside of Shinkansen Ticket Gate

The area inside the Shinkansen ticket gates offers an extensive selection of famous shops for visitors to enjoy Kyoto foods and culture. Take a seat in a café for quick breather or enjoy shopping while waiting for your Shinkansen train. In addition, the Sagawa Express Home Delivery desk lets you send your bags home.


When you exit the Shinkansen Central ticket gates, you will see ASTY Square in front of you. ASTY Square offers a collection of pickled vegetables and wagashi from Kyoto’s historic confectionery shops. Particularly, in the concept area, called Hachijo Komachi, the exterior and interior décor is designed to provide visitors with the unique ambience of Kyoto.


ASTY Road is the place to shop and dine with everything from popular local items and time-honored local souvenirs to Japanese cuisine. Kyoto Omotenashi Koji, situated by the Hachijo East Exit ticket gates, is an area lined with restaurants. Kyoto’s traditional townscapes are recreated so visitors can enjoy dining in a local atmosphere.