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Enjoy the mellow taste of our coffee brewed with a state-of-the-art light siphon using Koto’s original blend beans.

Recommended Products

  • Koto no Niwa

    700 yen (incl. tax)

    Our proud dessert offers matcha brulee made with Tamba Dainagon Azuki beans, served with exquisite brown sugar warabi mochi.

  • BLT Sandwich

    700 yen (incl. tax)

    Our most popular sandwich is made with thick bacon, fresh lettuce and thick-cut tomato offering exquisite texture.

  • Tamba Dainagon Azuki Bean Toast (with a drink)

    790 yen (incl. tax)

    A collaboration item made with Shimokamo Housen’s brand azuki beans, Tamba Dainagon Azuki. Taste the exquisite sweetness.


  • The shop is adorned with Kyoto’s seasonal views, which were created by a renowned local woodblock artist, Masao Ido, both at home and abroad. His art piece uses a separate woodblock for each color to layer more than 40 woodblocks to showcase Japanese traditional craftsmanship. All process including crafting washi paper by hand shows the warmth of human hand, which soothes the mind of viewers along with the artist’s gentle eyes. Take time and enjoy Kyoto’s refined taste by gazing the artwork that rotates seasonally.

    Official website of Masao Ido: http://www.gado.jp

7:00~21:00(LO 20:30) 
Regular holiday
open year round
Inside of Shinkansen Ticket Gate
non smoking
Cash, credit card, and public transportation e-money are accepted. (Please contact the shop if you have any questions.)

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